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Her problem was in believing. She believed people even after they disappointed her over and over.

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~Quotes on Ruby~

A siren singer with hair as red as blood. --Selene.
Maybe you took a gene tonic for fire engine red hair. --Jay.
You have such a complex mind. It's not often that I meet someone so determined to be independent, so devoted to her principles, and yet so open to new relationships. So willing to give someone like me the time of day. --Crane.

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The easiest way to contact me is through Plurk, or to PM me on Ruby's journal.

Plurk: [ profile] viridianwings
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My timezone is GMT, and I am usually online 5pm to 4am GMT.


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Questions, comments, and concerns about the way I play Ruby go here. Please keep it constructive :)
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((As well as being a place for me to store songs for Ruby and describe her club a little, this is an open RP post for Club Aphrodite.))

Another evening has come to Olympus Heights, and as you enter the doors to the Aphrodite, the bouncer looks you over, to make sure that you're not going to cause trouble, but also to make sure that you're adhering to the dress code - jacket and tie for gents, and evening dress for ladies. This is a high class joint, after all.

You elbow your way through the crowd to the bar and place your order. There's an excited buzz about the place as the hands of the clock creep ever closer towards 11pm. The stage is empty right now, the blue velvet curtain drawn across it, and the light the footlights dimly shines is filled with the smoke of the Oxford Club cigarettes in the ladies' cigarette holders, and the Habana Especial cigars in the fingers of the men.

And then, finally, the curtain rises and the music begins to play, to the cheers of the crowd. The stage is still empty, but slowly a huge shell, that looks as though it's made of solid pearl, rises from the floor, with Ruby standing inside just like Aphrodite herself. She throws smiles and kisses to the crowd, and when the cheering has died down, she gives a nod to the conductor and begins her set.

Composed of around 8 of the following:

Songs Ruby sings )
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